About SIRF

The Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF) was established in 1964 and originally named the Fisheries Scholarship Fund. It is a tax exempt, philanthropic, educational organization.

SIRF is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals and companies in and related to the seafood industry.* The Fund includes a number of “Perpetual Funds” that are established either as memorials or living tributes.

Each year the Fund makes research grants to colleges, universities and other institutions to conduct research of interest to the seafood industry and the consumers of its products. SIRF is pleased to:

  • Support high-quality scientific research,
  • New research project proposals must include a complete description of the project including objectives, research methodologies, researchers CV, and detailed costs. Please note that SIRF’s policy does not reimburse for overhead expenses.
  • Publicly share all research results, and
  • Provide a way for the seafood industry to give back to the larger community.

SIRF has provided almost $3.3 million for over 400 research grants resulting in the publication of approximately 360 related research papers. Research supported by SIRF covers a wide range of topics including studies related to:

  • The health effects of eating fish and seafood
  • Fisheries resource management
  • Developments in aquaculture and acceptance of aquaculture products
  • Food safety technologies and practices
  • New harvesting, farming, freezing, packaging, and processing technologies

All research results are available here.

SIRF actively solicits your participation in:

  • Proposing research topics
  • Serving on the Board of Directors or lending expertise
  • Contributing financially to sustain an ambitious research program

To arrange a contribution, propose a research topic, or otherwise communicate with SIRF, please email .

The Fund does not engage in political or legislative lobbying, and is affiliated with, but not a part of, the National Fisheries Institute.

* SIRF is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions from individuals or corporations to SIRF may be tax-deductible.

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